Kreischer Mansion Staten Island Paranormal and Haunted History


Kreischer Mansion Staten Island

Kreischer Mansion is a historic home that is located at Charleston, Staten Island, New York. Balthasar Kreischer a German immigrant built it in 1885 in a Late Victorian style. The mansion was in the town of Kreischerville. He arrived in New York after a fire took 65% of the city and he made a fortune by fabricating fire bricks for fireproof construction that in the time had a great demand.

Although he begun living in the Lower East Side, later he moved in Staten Island on the western shore. The house is framed with wood, large and massed asymmetrically. It has also gables, decorative railings, brackets, corner tower, brackets, tall chimneys and jigsaw bargeboards.

Balthasar Kreischer built the house for his sons, but those who were fighting for the house were Edward Kreischer and Charles Kreischer. The house belonged to Edward. It was also added in the Register of Historic Places in 1982.



Rumors about the house and the problems in Kreischer family

There are rumors that an infidelity, murder and financial management between the family: Edward, his brother, his wife and their children, and a cook who perished in a fire that happened mysteriously and destroyed the home completely.

The Kreischer Mansion was a restaurant until 1996 by the mafia. In 1998 Isaac Yomtovian bought it with an intention to restore it and eventually sell it.

Beginnings of the building and the paranormal legends that still haunt the house

Kreischer had 7 children, but before his dead he built two mansions and gave them to his sons Edward and Charles. The mansion of Charles burned, but the one from Edward is still present. In front of the house there is a locked gate.

The mansion in the history had the reputation of a house of ghosts and some spooky situations that happened. By one legend you can hear a voice of a woman wailing, that by the saying is the voice of Edward’s wife. She killed her husband with a bullet in his head.

By another legend the house is cursed because the German cook from the family was killed in the kitchen and his soul still haunts every new owner that buys this house.

In the yard there was a grave. In the house there was a leather wallpaper, few pairs of balconies, chandeliers in every room, a wonderful view down the wetlands on the north and the west. The place served as a place for filming movies and TV shows.




There was a grisly murder in the house by the previous caretaker, a real one. After that another murder happened in 2005. The mafia boss paid thousands of dollars to the caretaker of the empty mansion.

Afterwards, there is another murder where the next caretaker Young stabbed his 3 associates with a knife, grabbed McKelvey, strangled him and took him at the grave in the yard.

After the murder, the murderer went in a café to celebrate then he went to Home Depot, took gloves, power saws and tarps, cut the body into pieces and put them in the furnace.


Great Depression

During the Great Depression one of the twin mansions was destroyed. And the other one was saved despite the poor fortune of the family. The Gothic house soon became a target for creepy stories, superstitions, hearing strange noise, lights and much more. Even though the house was known by this, it was never truly abandoned.


Restoring the mansion

A developer from Ohio, Isaac Yomtovian bought the mansion in 1999. He bough it for 1.4 million dollars having the vision of creating again Kreischerville- the old place as it was. He restored the mansion by himself. But then he quit the project of creating Kreischerville again and gave the mansion on the market again in 2012. The mansion had only one potential buyer, but Yomtovian rejected the offer.


For Sale

Despite all these rumors and superstitions the Kreischer Mansion is again back on the market today. But the stories about the ghosts and creepy voices remain. With a little more luck it may be sold again. The price for the mansion is 9.5 million dollars with included property.

The listing of the property describes the overall property the mansion has. It has 4,500 square feet of living space, three bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a dining room, and basement. The mansion was on the market 4 years ago. It was listed for 11.5 million dollars. And was approved previously for 120 to 130 condos.

The mansion is still not sold nowadays. And by the latest information in 2015 it opened as a host house for the Halloween event.

Update: Mansion was sold in 2017. Nowadays it can’t be accessed.

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