King Tutankhamun


King Tutankhamun was a teenager pharaoh that reigned at the close of the 18th Dynasty and that was a time when Egypt was flowing in wealth and had tremendous dominance over other nations.


Egyptian’s Wealth Before Tutankhamun

Prior to this time, Egypt has blossomed for several years, maintaining the traditions devolved to them before the now popular Giza structures were constructed. However, during the reign of Tutankhamun, Egypt had gotten hold and of the fabled gold mines of Nubia on the south and had won several towns in Mediterranean.


Akhenaten’s Wicked Rule

The reign of Tutankhamun came at a time when there was distress all over Egypt. A king called Akhenaten, who was Tutankhamun’s relative (probably his father or half- brother) had upturned the conventional practice by asking citizens to bow to Athens, the sun god. He shut the temples and destroyed all the images of Amun,, a well-known god with dreadful priests.

Akhenaten the tyrannical pharaoh also changed Egypt’s capital to a desert on the West, remote and away from the river Nile. He named this new capital Akhenaten and coerced over 20,000 persons to construct a new city altogether from the scratch.



Not quite long, this wicked king died and Tutankhamun ascended the throne. He was a teenager then and that was quite big an office for a small boy of his age. Tutankhamun was only eight years old which got all his chiefs and subordinates disturbed again. How can such a young lad be crowned a pharaoh? Can he effectively manage the affairs of a big country like Egypt? And how will he defend the country from invasions and attacks from her perennial foes?

Tut’s principal subjects seemed to have given him quality advise and worked assiduously to get Egypt on the right track. To get things started the capital need be taken back to the living river Nile. Tutankhamun has come to symbolize a return of rationality to Egypt.



All of a sudden, young Pharaoh Tutankhamun gave up the ghost and what really caused it couldn’t be ascertained. It is very possible a terminal infection resulted from his broken limb when he had an accident. Or perhaps it was malaria fever that caused it.

However, his death posed a problem for Egypt at that time because there was no tomb prepared for him as no one could have preempted his death.



The curse of Tutankhamun is one of the most popular curses known all through Egypt. Since the young Pharaoh’s tomb was discovered in the tomb of the Kings, there are rumors that those who ventured to tamper with the Tutankhamun’s tomb are beguiled with a dangerous curse.

Although not as drastic as killing mummies, it is largely reported that most people linked to excavating the tomb subsequently fell under the curse and died under questionable situations. The notion gained ground because some of those who opened the tomb gave up the ghost a little while after doing so.

The curse of Tutankhamun was not just peculiar to Tutankhamun but to all pharaohs, as there are myths surrounding desecrating their tombs.


Closing Words

King Tutankhamun was a teenager king who became pharaoh at the tender age of 8. He ruled and returned peace to troubled Egypt, however his reign did not last long. After his death, his tomb was dug and it reportedly brought curse on those who did it. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove that the curse exists. It remains a myth.