Kether, Hebrew KThR, “crown,”is the first and highest¬†Sephirah¬†of the¬†Kabbalah¬†Tree of Life and the highest Sephirah of the Middle Pillar. The Kether is the first manifestation, the original unity from which all else unfolds, and the goal of the spititual guest as understood by the Kabbalist.

Universal symbolism:

Name of God: AHIH, Eheiehh (I Am)
Archandel: MITTRVN, Metatron, the Prince of the Countenances
Angelic Host: ChIVTH, HQDSh,Chaioth ha-Qodesh (Holy Living Creatures)
Astrological Correspondence: RAShITh, HGLGLIM, Rashith ha-Gilgalim (Beginnings of Turnings or Primum Mobile)
Tarot Correspondence: The four Aces of the pack
Elemental Correspondence: Air
Magical Image:¬†A human face looking toward the viewer’s right, seen through brilliant light. Some versions portray the face as male, others androgynous.
Additional Symbols: The point, the crown
Additional Title: Marcroprosus, the Greater Countenance; Amen; the Primordial Point; the Head Which Is Not; Ancient of Days
in Atziluth – pure brilliance,
in Briah – brilliant white,
in Yetzirah – brilliant white,
in Assiah -white flecked with gold
Corrospondence in the Microcosm: Yechidah, the spiritual essence of the self
Correspondence in the Body: Above the crown of the head
Grade of Initiation: 10=1, Ipsissimus
Qlippoth: ThAVMIAL, Thaumiel, the Divided Ones

Text from the¬†Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom¬†corresponding to this Sephirah: “The First Path is called the Admirable and Hidden Intelligence; it is the Light giving power of comprehension of that First Principle which has no beginning; and it is the Primal Glory, for no created being can attain to its essence.”

Since Kether represents the unity of God it is the supreme Sephirah and therefore identical with en sof, infinity. It therefore contains everything that exists throughout the entire Sephiroth; thus making it possible for God’s unity to be illustrated throughout the Sephiroth through the emanation of each Sephirah.

To better comprehend the perception the Sephiroth may be pictured as ten concentric circles instead of the Tree of Life. Using this concentric-circle depiction, God’s divine power, will, can be viewed as concentrated or expanded.

When viewed as concentrated Kether is positioned in the outermost circle and Malkuth in the innermost one. In this relationship, the Supreme Will, Kether, is a concentrated thought that brings about or creates the universe, Malkuth.

Now when the stationing of the Sephirahs is reverse, Kether in the inner circle and Malkuth in the outer one, the Supreme Will, Kether, is said to be expanding to create the universe, Malkuth. From these situations one sees that God may be viewed inwardly or outwardly. Inwardly, the first situation, God creates the universe by the “contraction” or “concentration” of his ontological possibilities; and when viewing outwardly, the second situation, God created the universe by “expansion,” “radiation,” or “emanation,” the way most view the Tree of Life.¬†A.G.H.


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