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Kasamba is a chat-based online psychic network. This makes the outlet to stand out since very few psychic readers offer this type of service. If you are too busy to travel through traffic, you can still benefit from their services through your phone. The convenience is unimaginable.

The former name of the psychic network is Live Person Psychics. It is just a change of name and not a change of psychics or reliability. If you already have favorite psychics on Live Person Psychics, you can find all the favorite psychics on Kasamba. If you have always enjoyed your time on Live Person Psychics, then it is certain you will feel at home on Kasamba. Aside from phone psychic reading, several other features set Kasamba apart from the rest and these features will be mentioned in the course of this write-up.


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Reliable customer service

Kasamba offers one of the best customer services you can ever come by in psychic reading. For example, their customer care agents are available 24/7 and you can always get a psychic that will respond to you any time of the day or night. If you suddenly wake up from sleep consequent of a nightmare of a scary dream in the middle of the night, you can simply chat them up and they will respond to you and provide an accurate interpretation to that scary dream any time of the night or day. The chat is done via a platform that looks like Instant Messenger and can be used on a Smartphone.

What is more, the chats you have with the psychics are not deleted; rather, they are stored up in a secure chat log so that you can go back to the chat and check the advice provided by the psychic to refresh your mind.

Multi-lingual services available

Aside from the topnotch customer care services provided by Kasamba, the outlet equally serves its clients via multiple languages. If English is not your first language, you can choose any of the other common languages, like Spanish, French, Portuguese, or any other language that you can understand clearly. The psychics on Kasamba can serve you in various languages so that you can get top value for your money each time you consult them.

Professional psychics

The screening process for psychics on Kasamba is rigorous. No untested or unreliable psychic is ever permitted to operate on this platform. Consequently, clients will always get top value for their money here. In fact, many of the psychics operating here are famous, with some of them granting interviews on radio programs, TV shows and the like. Many of the psychics operating here give psychic reading exclusively on Kasamba and you will never find them operating elsewhere.

Deals for customers

Many of the psychic readers on Kasamba give the client up to 3 minutes free psychic reading. However, you must have purchased 10 minutes up front before you can get the free 3 minutes. You can use the three minutes to test the reliability of the psychic.



The various services provided on Kasamba makes it one of the best psychic reading network you can ever find online today. The services are top notch and you will get value for your money at all times.


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