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Kabbalah Jewelry meaning is related with good luck, success, wealth and also protection: rings, pendants, bracelet, necklaces. Talismans and amulets. There are some jewels, talismans and amulets related to kabbalistic symbols. They are suitable for men and woman.

From the Hebrew qabbālāh, the kabbalah is a current of mystical and allegorical interpretation of the Old Testament. The concept refers to the set of doctrines that, through esoteric and the fulfillment of certain precepts, aims to reveal the message of God and the world.

kabbalah jewelry from Israel
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Kabbalah Ring

Five Metals Ring

A very special ring made with five metals. This ring will give success to the one who wears it.


Silver Ring

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Ana Bekoach Ring

Successful jewel that also fights the fears and gives protection.


Gold Ring

ana bechoach gold ring

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Silver Ring

ana bechoach silver necklace

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Merkaba Sphere

The Merkaba is the force of light a hidden energy, it is a concept related to the kabbalistic tradition. It means:

  • Mer means Light
  • Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self
  • Ba means The Body or Physical self


Small Silver Sphere

Small Gold Sphere


Tree of Life

Tree of life is another concept related to kabbalists. It represents The Cycle of Life: The Birth, represented by its deep roots.
Our life, represented by the trunk that grows towards the sky. The branches, with their innumerable bifurcations, you represent, the crurces of the road that we find ourselves through life and that constantly force us to make decisions.

It also usually refers to concepts such as growth (personal and spiritual), development, progress and reincarnation.


Its jewelry kabbalah has the properties of life and love.


Gold Pendant


tree of life gold pendant


Silver Pendant

tree of life silver pendant


Amazon Kabbalistic Jewelry

There are many jewels for sale in Amazon like the star of david or evil eye. See below some samples and use the search to find more jewelry.



Judaica Webstore Kabbalah Jewelry

From Israel

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