Yesod, Hebrew YSVD, «foundation,» is the ninth Sephirah of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, located on the Middle Pillar between Tiphareth and Malkuth. Universal symbolism: Name of God: ShDI AL ChI, Shaddai (Almighty Living God) Archangel: GBRAL, Gabriel, (Strength


Yechidah (Hebrew YChDH, «only one») in Kabbalistic theory is the highest aspect of the human soul corresponding to the first Sephirah Kether, and is included in the neshamah. The yechidah closely corresponds to the Neoplatonist


Torah (Hebrew, «teaching,» «law, docrine») is designated as the teachings of the Jewish religion. In the Pentateuch the term «Torah» can mean all laws on a particular subject, Leviticus 7:2,


Tiphateth, Hebrew TPhARTh, «beauty,» is the sixth and central Sephirah of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, located in the center of the Pillar of Balance or Consciousness. Universal symbolism: Name of God: YHVH ALVH VDAaTh,


Thaumiel (Hebrew ThAVMIAL, «Twins of God») in Kabbalistic tradition are the Qlippoth or demonic powers associated with Kether, the first Sephirah of the Tree of Life. Its traditional form is giant dual heads with bat-like wings, but


Tetragrammaton, the sacred name of God. In Hebrew «four-letter word» or symbol meaning yod-ye-vau-he (YHWH) and signifying Yahweh. It is pronounced in Hebrew as «Adomai,» and written generally as JHYH with


Tefillin (also Tephilin), Jewish phylacteries, according to Exodus 13:1-10, 11-16; and Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 11:13-21, a Jew must bind «these words for a sign upon your hand and a frontlet between


Tefiliah, Hebrew for prayer, incorporates the Jewish Amidah prayer, the Sephardim, the Prayer Book, and is one of the many terms, especially most common in the Bible, for prayer in general.


Talmud (from Hebrew, lmd, learn, study, teach) is the body of teaching, commentary, and discussion of the Jewish amoraim on the Mishnah. There are two Talmuds: the Jerusalem (or Palestinian) Talmud which


Talion (lex taliionis, «law of retaliation») is a term for a punishment equal to the offense. It is derived from Genesis 9:6, «Whoever sheds a man’s blood, by man shall


Tagirion (Hebrew ThGRIRVN, «Disputers») in Kabbalistic tradition are the Qlippoth or demonic powers associated with Tiphareth, the sixth Sephirah of the Tree of Life. In their traditional form they are depicted as giants wrestling with each other.

Solomons Servants

Solomon’s servants seem to apply to two categories of people: the first are the descendants, or sons, of those returning from captivity, including those listed, on lists, as the priests, Levites,


Solomon, Hebrew Shelomoh, «peaceful,» was also called Jedidiah, which means «beloved of Israel.» He was the son of King David born of Bathsheba (2 Samuel 12:24; 1 Chronicles 3:5); he succeeded his father


Shadrach appears to be derived from the Akkadian Shadar, command of, and Sumerian, Ark, the moon-god. However, it was more likely a corruption of Marduk, the city-god of Babylon as well as the


Seraphim, Hebrew «fiery serpents,» are an order of angels assigned to different angelologies by varies theological systems. In the Kabbalah they correspond to the Geburah, the Fifth Sepirah of the Tree of Life,


Sephirah, plural, Sephiroth (Hebrew «emanations»), used in Kabbalistic lore the term implies a divine emanation from God; on the Tree of Life there are ten, the Sephiroth, from God. The doctrine or


Saul was to become the first king of Israel, partial because of the period that he grew up in. He was the son of Kish, of the tribe of Benjamin,


Sathariel (Hebrew SAThARIAL, «Concealers of God») in Kabbalistic tradition are the Qlippoth or demonic powers associated with Binah, the third Sephirah of the Tree of Life. Their traditional form is that of gigantic, veiled head with horns


Sanhedrin was the name applied to the higher courts of law which in the later period of the Second Temple administered justice in Palestine according to the Mosaic Law, involving

Rosh Ha Shanah

Rosh ha-Shanah (Hebrew, New Year) is the Jewish New Year, Rosh ha-Shanah, which is celebrated on 1 Tishri, and 2 in the diaspora. According to R. Eliezer, the world was

Resurrected moses

y Alan G. Hefner This article is based on Sigmund Freud’s Moses and Monotheism, especially adopting Freud’s hypothesis that Moses was Egyptian. The article will not detail Freud’s argument or present


After the death of King Solomon, the people came to King Reboboam saying his father was hard on them with heavy taxation and everything; they promised if Reboboam would render them

Rape of Eve

To fully understand the rape of Eve one must be familiar with the legends of Lilith Demon and the Fall of Man. Briefly according to Hebrew rabbinic writings Lilith was the first wife of Adam,

Queen of Sheba

When the Queen of Sheba, in her kingdom, heard of the great King Solomon, and all she was told he possessed, she decided to go herself to discover if it was

Jewish prophets

Prophets, in the Jewish Bible, a prophet (nabi, pl., nabi’im) is one who speaks on the behalf of God. (see Prophecy) Prophets appear to have originated as part of the Near Eastern