Spiritual Protection Necklace

As its name implies, spiritual protection necklace offers spirit defense to the wearer. The necklaces are of different types and carry out various forms of protection on the wearer. It

Puka Shell Necklace

Puka Shell Necklace is made with this bead-like object that occurs naturally and is found in some beaches in Hawaii. Each of the beads looks like the beach-worn apex of

Evil Eye Bracelet

  In this article we will see the different types of Evil Eye Bracelet jewelry.   An evil eye or Turkish eye, also known as nazar, is a trinket with

Evil Eye Protection

The term “evil eye” describes the ability to harm any living thing with a single glance. Greek writer Heliodorus of Emesa, who lived around 300 C.E. explains that: “…when one

Mystic Jewelry

Mystic Jewelry is Sacred Geometry Jewelry: Pendants, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings. Amulets and Talismans for protection, healing and luck. Jewelry Gifts for Wedding, Graduation, Birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day, Holidays.

Alchemy Jewels

Alchemy is alteration of the matter. Alchemists do transformation of elements.  It is a concept relating to the transmutations of matter, which influenced the origin of chemical science and had as