Jehovah Witness


In order to know their origin we must go back in time to the United States of the late nineteenth century. The organization now known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses was created in 1879 by Charles Taze Russell, a businessman from Pennsylvania.

They are now an internationally recognized religious organization that has an active presence in 240 countries. It has now about eight million active preachers and more than twenty million followers around the world. Their beliefs are similar to the beliefs of orthodox Christians but there are some differences.

Jehovah´s Witnesses believe in one God and give much importance to the Bible, which they translate and study to base their beliefs on it. Their teachings focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Main Christian doctrines accuse them of changing the words of the Bible to support false teaching.


But still, their beliefs differ from mainstream Christian doctrines too. Witnesses do not accept the doctrine of the Trinity and they do not believe in the existence of hell. They also have sharper apocalyptic expectations than most Christians. Since this organization was founded, they have been awaiting the impending arrival of the end of the times.


The statistics and information we have mentioned before show us that they can influence our society, whether positively or negatively. But, what do we know about them? We are going to summarize their beliefs and compare their doctrine with mainstream Christian doctrines.


The Jehovah’s Witnesses is quite different from that of every Christians. And they are always eager to tell you about what they believe in your home and every of their publications.

According to history we are told they have been around since the 1800. And around this time they were we are told some people start analyzing some scriptural verses and came up with a conclusion contrary to what most Christians taught about the bible today.

With their new discoveries, they spread this across USA and to different part of the world. They are estimated to be in about 100 countries around the world, but most people around the world are not aware about this so called Jehovah witness’s kind of faith.

Jehovah’s Witnesses base their beliefs on the Bible

Like many Orthodox Christians, Jehovah’s Witnesses claim that the Bible had an inspiration given directly by God and that its copies have been preserved for centuries. The Bible is seen by the witnesses as a gift from God.

In their opinion the Bible tells humans how God is, how to face upcoming problems and how to please God. Witnesses use a particular translation of the Bible: The New World Translation, which once and again translates important passages of the sacred book.

Who God is in Jehovah’s Witnesses doctrine?

Jehovah’s Witnesses, like any other Christian doctrine, only believe in one God, the one who created the universe as we know it and the God of the Hebrew and Christina scared scriptures. They firmly believe that God has revealed his personal name to humanity, which is Jehovah. Jehovah does not have a physical body.

They think that he is a spirit which lives in heaven, from there he can see everything that happens in our world. The Jehovah’s Witnesses repudiate the doctrine of the Trinity.

Who Jesus Christ is in Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs?

Jehovah’s Witnesses disagree with the major Christian branches that Jesus Christ was both man and God. They firmly believe that Jesus was not God, instead he was just God’s first creation. Jesus existed in pre-human form being God’s agent of creation and his principal spokesman. But soon he took human form through a virgin birth.


The purpose of Jesus’ incarnation on Earth was threefold within the read of Witnesses: to show the reality regarding God; to supply a model of an ideal life for people to follow; and to sacrifice his life to line humans free from sin and death. His crucifixion wasn’t on a cross, however a single upright stake.

When he died, God raised Jesus from the dead «as a spirit body» and Jesus came back to his aim heaven.

What the Holy Spirit is according to Jehovah´s Witnesses?

As they reject the mainstream doctrine of the Trinity, Witnesses do not believe that the Holy Spirit is one of the three persons in the deity. They deny the Godhead, personality, and manhood of the Holy Spirit. They believe that the Holy Spirit is only an impersonal force.

This belief is not very well received by the most popular Christian doctrines. As we mentioned before, they accuse them of supporting false teaching and the belief about the Holy Spirit is one of them most criticized.



For Jehovah’s Witnesses humans are in a terrible situation. The naughtiness of the first couple on Earth has provoked all the misfortunes that we suffer today. Since Eve ate the apple taking it from the tree of life, all human beings age, get sick and die.

God’s plan was to create a paradise on Earth, but the disobedience of the first humans denied us to entry it. Still, Witnesses do not punctuate the spiritual impact of Adam and Eve’s disobedience on humanhood nor they believe that our free will has been harmed. Rather, they hope and inspirit their members to endeavor to do God’s will.

They want to stay pure in God’s eye to gain his forgiveness. They believe that bu earning his pardon, he will let them into his Kingdom, which will be created after the end of time.

What is the purpose of life?

We exist on this planet to gain the right to participate in a future Kingdom of Heaven that God will create on Earth. For them, we must help others to earn this right. Therefore, witnesses try to spread their beliefs to others to find their way to the good, the moral and to prepare them for the upcoming «Kingdom of Heaven».


They firmly believe that salvation was made possible because of the death of Christ, which made up for the sin of the first human beings, Adam and Eve. To achieve eternal life you do not just have to believe in Jesus Christ. You must learn about Jehovah, who they consider to be the true God, and obey him.

You must spread the message about the future Kingdom that God will create on Earth. According to them, God has you tested.


Where do we go when we die?


They refuse the doctrine of the everlasting punishment of the lost souls in Hell. They believe that when the sacred book names the Hell it refers to the grave. Hell does not exist for Jehovah’s Witnesses. They believe that the souls of the evil people will be destroyed.

Only those who earn entrance into the Kingdom that God will create after the end of times will exist forever. This destruction or entrance will not happen until Apocalypse. Till then, we will be resurrected and God will give us another opportunity to earn eternal life.



This last point is the one that differs them more radically from the other Christian doctrines. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus Christ obtained his Kingdom in 1914. And once he obtained it, he expelled all the demons from there to Earth. According to them, the situation on our planet is getting worse every year since 1914. Curiously this year is when the First World War began in Europe.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are in favor of the destruction of all forms of present-day governments and of states to impose a divine law. They believe that this event is very close to happen and that the problems of humanity will be finally solved soon.


They believe that they are the real Christians, but most mainstream Christian doctrines do not think so. Anyways, Witnesses do not consider other Christian doctrines or organizations as true Christians too.


We will look at the various unique believes of the Jehovah witnesses. What they stand for is listed below:



1. They Don’t Go To War

They believe to the extent that they don’t go to war, even if it attracts execution as a form of punishment. They claim that they get that from the ancient men of faith who refuse to fight in any war, and because war and conflicts are contrary to the love and compassion Jesus taught about our enemies.

They also have this believe around the warning of Jesus to Peter in the bible to do away with the sword and have refused to participate in any form of military actions. They have been unwelcomed by most political parties around the world, from countries such as Turkey and Armenia and in recent times tortured and even imprisoned people of their believe.

South Korea as a nation since 2013 imprisoned more than the 93 % of the Jehovah witnesses around the world.


2. They Don’t Use the Cross As Most Christian Does

The Jehovah witnesses said that apart from them not using it in their worship or publications, they say that the cross is totally against their believe. Jehovah’s Witnesses also says that was not nailed on the cross but on a simple upright structure which has no crossing beam.
Anyone who believes anything about the cross is regarded as a pagan according to their own believes. And because they reject the fact that the cross was used for Christ execution they don’t use it in their worship.


3. They have many active members all around

We may have some in our neighborhood, class in the school or as a fellow staff in the office, but many of us don’t really know how far this religion believe has spread in the recent years.
Based on the recent research, about 200 countries of the world has been dominated or been represented by Jehovah witnesses. Because they are so concern about the spread of this believe, they keep close tab on various area of the world they are represented.

Their site keeps the statistics of their growth and various new developments in their organization. They presently have eight million members and nothing less than 110,000 congregation around the world.

This mean Jehovah Witnesses are so dedicated to spreading this believe to various part of the world, and this can be seen through their various publications which has been translated into many languages already. Sign languages from various part of the world have now been incorporated into their publications also.


4. Their Ministers are not Paid and Don’t Collect Tithe Also

You will be shocked if I tell you that all the publications and their various tools of reaching many people around the world are from various voluntary donations.
The Jehovah Witnesses do not collect offering or tithes from their members in any of their gatherings.

They are funded by donation given by members when they need them.
These contributions are then given to the local Headquarters in many countries of the world, they claim this money will be used to fund people affected by natural disasters like earthquake, missionaries, meet the need of the needy around the world, and print publications.
According to them no money is given to door to door preachers or their various ministers.

This is totally against the bible faith of most Christians. In a nutshell, all their members are volunteers and ordained ministers who are to help spread this believe no matter their age or race.

5. They Don’t Take Part in Holidays

You may also be surprised that most Jehovah Witnesses don’t take part in the holidays celebrated by most Christians such as Easter and Christmas.
They claim that majority of this holiday are pagan practices or are not supported by any bible teachings.

Most of their practice is most of the times very different from the normal Christians practice. Because they claim that from the history the ancients Christians don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus and any one that choose to celebrate it today is regarded as pagan s by them and that most of the Christmas light was formally used by Romans for their celebrations which has nothing to do with Christ.

They also claim that the actually date Christ was given birth was not know, so why choosing a date that is not scriptural. But with the celebration of this holidays around the world, the Jehovah Witnesses says that this displease the Lord and is not scriptural.


6. Accept Blood Transfusions

Most people think that most Jehovah Witnesses don’t believe in the use of drug and only depend on their faith for healing. As a matter of fact they don’t even have faith in any divine healing; they go to doctors for drug prescriptions as far it does not involve blood transfusion.
They claim it’s against blood transfusion is according to the Old Testament word that say we should avoid taking blood. This has a scriptural backing in Acts 15:28–29 which states: a part of the verse says that Christians should abstain from blood.
They also go to the extent of written medical journals that those who don’t take blood transfusion and even healthier than those who do. They also claim this will keep them away from any blood immune diseases.
Why many claim this believe to be a huge risk and carelessness, many still believe that this can be useful in years to come.


7. They believe if you are faithful you will have your reward in paradise on earth

Contrary to most Christian believe and even the Islamic religion that those who are faithful will enjoy at last in eternal home with their maker, but the Jehovah witnesses are against this kind of believe. They believe the lord will cleanse this Earth full of wickedness at the very end, they also believe that the Lord will bring back the paradise he took away from the Earth when Adam and Eve sinned in the Beginning of the Earth. They refer to this place their own paradise on earth.

To support their believe they claim the Lord prayer in the Book of Mathew mean that:

  • That there will be resurrection of those that has fallen asleep (According to Acts 24:15 and John 5:28–29),
  • relationship between animals like that of Eden (According to Isaiah 11:6–9), no more war (according to Psalm 37:10–11, 29 and Isaiah 2:4),
  • and removal of illness and death according to Isaiah 35:5–6 and Revelation 21:3–4) and many others.