Jasper Healing and Magical Properties

Jasper prevents fever and dropsy, strengthens the brain, and promotes eloquence; it is a preservative against defluxions, the nightmare, and epilepsy.

The stone, also, has curative properties for stomach disorders, and nervousness. It is often met in the east with a counter charm. Marbodaeus mentions seventeen species of this stone, but that «like the emerald» is most noted for its magical virtues. (see Gem Healing) A.G.H.

Jasper, a widely recognized stone in the realm of gem healing, is attributed with a variety of healing properties and magical virtues. It has been historically used to prevent and treat a range of ailments, making it a valued stone in various cultures.

a jasper

Jasper’s Health Benefits

Primarily, Jasper is believed to prevent fever and dropsy, a condition characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the body’s tissues. It is also thought to strengthen the brain, thus enhancing mental sharpness and promoting eloquence in speech. Furthermore, Jasper is considered a preservative against various ailments, including defluxions (inflammation and discharge from the body), nightmares, and epilepsy.


Curative Properties for Stomach and Nervous Disorders

Beyond its general health benefits, Jasper is specifically noted for its curative properties in treating stomach disorders and nervousness. These qualities make it a sought-after stone for those seeking relief from digestive issues and stress-related conditions.


Jasper as a Counter Charm in Eastern Cultures

In Eastern cultures, Jasper is often used as a counter charm, signifying its importance in magical practices and as a protective talisman. This usage underscores the stone’s significance beyond physical healing, extending into the spiritual and mystical realms.


Varieties of Jasper and Their Significance

Marbodaeus also known as Marbodius, an authority on gemstones, identifies seventeen species of Jasper. Among these, the variety that resembles an emerald is particularly renowned for its magical virtues. This highlights the diversity within the Jasper family and the specific qualities attributed to different types.


Final words

The wide range of healing and magical properties attributed to Jasper places it among the prominent stones in gem healing practices. Its ability to address both physical ailments and provide spiritual protection makes it a versatile and revered gemstone in various cultural and historical contexts.



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