Is Telekinesis Real, Definition


Also known as Psychokinesis, telekinesis is the simulation of movement in objects without physical contact with the objects. It is the general term for any ability that has to with using the mind in manipulating, influencing, or moving objects and matter. It is a concept related to telepathy.

Other names for this capability are; mind power, object manipulation, and Telekinetic or Psychokinetic Power.

What are the Powers of Telekinesis?

Users can influence, manipulate, or make objects to move with their mind power. Most supernatural powers are based on Psychokinesis, especially those that have to with controlling and manipulating. At the advanced level, a Telekinetic can manipulate anything at a particle, subatomic and Universal level.


Variations of Telekinesis

  • Elemental Telekinesis: This is the ability to use particular elements that have the potential to control object’s movement; such as air and gravity.
  • Tactile Telekinesis: This is where the user has to be in physical contact with an object to be able to move it with Telekinesis.
  • Spatial Telekinesis: Users can manipulate energy and matter by controlling the space it is occupying.
  • Vector Manipulation: This is altering the speed and direction of objects and matters by manipulating their kinetic vectors.

Visualization is a significant aspect of telekinesis. For instance, Telekinesis can help you to bring the cup to yourself without leaving the seat and missing out on an exciting TV show. Also, this power can help you reach objects placed on top of shelves way above your hold. Also, Telekinesis can help you bend metal like spoons. Moreover, telekinesis helps in circumventing obstacles. Should you find yourself ensnared in an undesirable trap like an abandoned wasteland or an empty pit difficult to come out, you can leverage on telekinesis to escape the precarious situation.


Real Telekinesis and Science

A lot of scientific explanations have lent credence to the possibilities of psychokinesis, although a large number of them are of the opinion that it is outrightly impracticable. For instance, the quantum theory argues that human minds can marshal subatomic matters and generate energy with which motion can be produced even without physical contact.

Some other scientists claimed that if humans can control the magnetic field around them, it is possible to move an object without touching them since it is a force field. Also, a few physicists are of the opinion that the human mind can generate sound or heat waves which could propel an object to move without physical contact with it.

Nonetheless, the mainstream scientists contended that it would be misleading and disrupt the age-long facts to think that occurrences in the physical world can be directed by some sheer extrapolations of the human mind. To these categories, Psychokinesis should be discarded on arrival.


How to do Telekinesis?

While there is quite some incertitude trailing the subject of Telekinesis, yet, many people still think it is possible. If you chose to know this in person, you could start practicing.


  • Develop a good sense of visualizing things

Visualization is one of the most important things to practice in telekinesis. You can either visualize the things in your surroundings or even yourself. Practicing these things will not demand that you see the result except you have got the needed skills to support it, so nothing stops you from visualizing for a start. As with real-life meditation, the product will be registered in your mind, with the goal of seeing them come to fruition.


  • Meditate Regularly

After visualization, the next thing to do is meditation. If you ask those who know very much about telekinesis, you will hear that meditation is central to honing your supernatural skills. If you want to direct your power to the things in your surroundings, you need to purge your brain of all distractions.


  • Bare your mind

Once you have been able to meditate and concentrate on a thing, you will need to empty your mind. As it is in hypnosis, if you are attempting telekinesis with a locked, doubtful mind, it is likely you will get no result.


  • Start Practicing

You can practice telekinesis by trying out some simple metaphysical tasks. You can attempt to bend a spoon and control it with your mind. You can close your eyes, concentrate on your inner self and empty your mind. You can also attempt to move small objects like a cup, ball or bag from other places to where you are using your mind power. It is advisable you start with small items before proceeding to bigger ones.



Telekinesis is make-believe. You cannot get to use it without believing it. So, whether or not the power of telekinesis is real, depends on the individual who wants to use it.


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