Invocation god goddess

Analogous to this total self-commitment concept ofĀ BuddhismĀ and Christianity is the concept of invoking the spirit of theĀ GoddessĀ andĀ Horned GodĀ into the high priestess and priest during theĀ Drawing Down the MoonĀ and Sun ceremonies as practiced in witchcraft.

At times during the Drawing Down the Moon ceremonies it is believed the high priestesses are so possessed by the spirit of the Goddess the she speaks through the priestesses.Ā 

Depending on the altered state of consciousness (seeĀ Altered States of Consciousness) of the high priestess and the ceremonial energy raised, the words that come forth can be moving, poetic and inspiring, and many women connect with the power of the Goddess and therefore with the power within themselves.

The invocation of the God/Goddess is not the only spiritual practice employed within neo-Pagan Witchcraft. Other spiritual practices include raising aĀ cone of power, which involves hand-clapping, dancing, drumming, andĀ chanting.

The energy raised from the cone can be used for healing, benefiting others, or warding off an enemy. The power is believed to be a psychic power which is directed in magicĀ andĀ healing.Ā A.G.H.


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