Inti, the Sun, (pre-Columbian, South America), is the ancestral god of the Inca dynasty, one of the demons deserving the title of god for embodying a natural element or phenomena. He has rank of pride or first place. His consort is the moon-goddess Mama-Kilya.

He is depicted as a trinity in the sanctuaries of Cuzco, possibly in deference to the Christian Trinity. The temple of the Sun is said to housed golden images of all the sky gods in the pantheon, more or less on equal terms, since the sun is regarded as one of many great celestial powers.Inti may also have been depicted as a face on a gold disc.

The so-called “fields of the sun” supported the Inca priesthood. The three sun deities are Apo-Inti (lord sun), Cori-Inti (son sun), and Inti-Wawqi (sun mother). The sun god(s) is perceived as progenitor of the Inca rulers at Cuzco through two children–a son Manco Capac and his sister/consort Mama Ocllo Huaco.

The Quechua Indians of the central Andes called the same deity Inti Huayna Capac and perceive him part of a trinity with the Christian god and Christ. A.G.H.


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