A very interesting so called coincidence

I have stated in my findings, that by adding 2012 to the birth of the Mayan Calendar, which has been said to be 3114 B. C., I found the number 5126. It has also been stated that the first 144 digits of Pi, total 666. Through the Gematria system of A=6, B=12, C=18, all the way to Z, which = 156., Again, the “Pi Phrases” of “Pi Symbol”, “Pi Formula”, and “Pi Infinite”, each individually total the number of 666. Now, by using the Pi search page on the Internet, of the first 200 million digits of Pi, we can type in numbers of up to 120 digits, anything to do with numbers, (birth dates, random dates, etc), and find their exact location in Pi sequence. I Did not know what the purpose or meaning of this was, but I absolutely do now! I simply typed in the number 5126, and guess what position showed up! thats right, 2012! 5126 begins at Exactly the 2,012th digit of the Pi sequence. This most positively, is not a coincidence!! 2012 is definitively a new beginning!