Intelligence planetary in Ceremonial Magic

According to lore of ceremonial magic each of the seven planets of ancient astrology has a spiritual entity associated with it. These entities rule over each planet. In some magical traditions the planet may be considered good, its ruling spirit may be thought to be evil while others consider it just a blind spiritual force that requires intelligence guidance if it is to accomplish good.

 Multiple intelligences*

*The moon is governed by multiple intelligences. Malkah be-Tarshishum ve-ad Ruachoth Shechalim is the Intelligence of Intelligences, or the collective consciousness of the moon. A.G.H.


Planetary Spirits in Ceremonial Magic


Concept of Planetary Entities

In the lore of ceremonial magic, each of the seven classical planets is believed to have a spiritual entity or intelligence associated with it. These entities, often personifications of the planets themselves, are considered to hold dominion over their respective celestial bodies.


The Dual Nature of Planetary Spirits

Good vs. Evil Interpretations

In various magical traditions, the nature of these planetary entities can be interpreted differently. Some consider the spirit of a planet to be inherently good, embodying the positive aspects associated with that celestial body. Others view these spirits as potentially malevolent or evil, requiring careful handling and guidance by the practitioner.

Spiritual Forces Requiring Direction

There is also a perspective that views these entities as neutral or ‘blind’ forces. In this view, the spirits are seen as powerful but lacking direction, requiring the intelligence and will of the magician to harness them for beneficial purposes.


The Spirits of the Seven Classical Planets

  • Saturn: Agiel Agiel is the spirit associated with Saturn, often linked with discipline, restriction, and structure. The energy of Agiel can be both constructive and limiting, reflecting the dual nature of Saturn’s influence.
  • Jupiter: Iophiel Iophiel is the intelligence of Jupiter, a planet traditionally associated with expansion, growth, and benevolence. This spirit is often invoked for matters of prosperity, wisdom, and success.
  • Mars: Graphiel Graphiel rules over Mars, the planet of action, energy, and conflict. The spirit of Mars embodies assertiveness and courage but can also represent aggression and warfare.
  • Sun: Nakhiel Nakhiel is the spirit of the Sun, central to our solar system. The Sun’s spirit symbolizes vitality, health, and authority, reflecting the life-giving and sustaining qualities of the Sun.
  • Venus: Hagiel Hagiel governs Venus, the planet associated with love, beauty, and harmony. This spirit is often invoked for matters related to relationships, artistic endeavors, and the fostering of harmony.
  • Mercury: Tiriel Tiriel is the intelligence of Mercury, known for its association with communication, intellect, and travel. This spirit aids in matters of learning, commerce, and eloquent expression.
  • Moon: Multiple Intelligences The Moon is unique in having multiple governing spirits. The primary intelligence, Malkah be-Tarshishum ve-ad Ruachoth Shechalim, represents the collective consciousness or the ‘Intelligence of Intelligences’ of the Moon. These lunar spirits are associated with emotion, intuition, and the subconscious.


The Role of Planetary Spirits in Magic

Harnessing Celestial Influences

n ceremonial magic, understanding and working with planetary spirits is crucial for harnessing the celestial influences they represent. Each spirit embodies the essence of its respective planet, offering unique energies and attributes to the practitioner. By working with these entities, magicians aim to bring about change in accordance with the universal laws and the energies of the cosmos.



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