Ishamanistic language infinity is the sacred. This can be best explained by contrasting infinity with eternity.

Eternity means endless, endless number of days, years, so on. Eternity usually is associated with linear time, whereas, infinity is not. To many shamans infinity always was.

It existed before time and will exist after time. This involves the luminary process, luminous body, which each human possesses. (See Luminous Energy Field) The luminous body, described in The Freeing of the Spirit always exited or was.

It is called the soul by many and the essence of the person by others. This luminous body knows no death as it has always existed which is the reason some refer to it a part or spark from God.

The only duration in which this luminous body experiences linear time is when it resides within a physical human body. Here one might imagine what the early Gnostic Christians meant when they said the “soul was trapped in matter.” but to shaman this is the reason for not fearing death. Disease and death can harm and destroy the physical body, but under certain condition does not affect the luminous body. When the physical body dies, the luminous body returns to infinity.

To shamans this does not happen to just a few, or the select, but to everyone because God is for everyone. The process is natural, everyone shares in it.

Some shamans claimed to have traced their luminous threads of being back as far as the Big Bang. They can do it as easy as tracking a deer in the forest. This, they explain, is how one knows what he was before being born and will be after he dies.

The easiest way to comprehend infinity is to remember your experience when first doing long division in school. Inevitably you would run into a numeral or decimal ending in 33 or 66; after dividing it the remaining quotient was always another 3 or 6, or 1/3 or 2/3.

The remainder never went away until you either rounded the quotient off the next number or forgot it. If one did not do that the remainder would reach into infinity. One might think of those extending remainders as luminous bodies. A.G.H.


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