Hypnotic regression

by Christine Nightingale

Past life regression is a form of therapy in which the subject is hypnotically regressed to a previous life. Typically the therapist (a trained hypnotist) discusses with the client what they wish to accomplish. They may, for example, feel that a fear of water, not based on any known traumatic experience, might be based on death by drowning in a previous life, or they may wish to know whether they knew their spouse in past life. The regressionist then typically takes the subject back in time to two previous childhood experiences, if these memories are able to be clearly described–preferably as if they are currently happening, in the present tense–then the person is ready to go further back. The majority of subjects can in fact be brought back to the events of a previous life. This can be very powerful, as it often includes dramatic events of death, loss, betrayal, or deep love and happiness. The person often finds themselves in a body of a different gender, age, or race. Typically the subject is advised not to re-experience traumatic vents, but to observe them from above. The function of the whole experience is to heal past traumas by understanding, forgiving and being forgiven. Very often understanding the roots of a phobia, illness , accident, or even birthmark is very helpful to getting on with the business of the current lifetime. For instance, a person who starved in a previous lifetime can let go of the urge to overeat when it is understood as no longer relevant. A person who has an abusive relationship can let go of it when they understand that the karma binding them to the other person is that the other person caused their death in a previous life. it is not necessary to suffer further when this is understood. Past life regression hypnosis has extremely fast results in healing of self-defeating behaviors, or understanding potential areas of achievement which may have past-life roots.

(The author is a trained past-life-regression-hypnosis therapist and has done past life readings for years. She can be contacted at her website www.nightingalehealing.com for further information.)


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