James Vinson Wingo

HUNA is the name given by Max Freedom Long to the system he recovered and synthesized over fifty years of research. Huna is a practical system of psychology and magic long used by the Kahuna of ancient Hawaii, who for centuries kept it as their closely guarded secret.

Max chose the word Huna (the Hawaiian word for “secret”) in the 1930’s to describe the psychological/religious methods used by the Kahuna (“Keepers of the Secret”) in performing their particular kinds of “miracles” or “magic” Some of these miracles were healing the sick, solving personal problems, untangling financial and social difficulties, and changing the future. Modern Huna Practitioners perform
the same functions.

Huna today is not a secret. The practical principals of Huna can beused by EVERYONE who will investigate and use them. Huna teaches people how to take charge of their own lives through a system of internal communication between yourself and god without any needof priest, shaman, or guru to act as intermediary. Huna teaches you to help yourself.

HUNA WILL WORK FOR YOU. If the desired results are not obtained, Huna principals enable you to find out why. The mistake can be corrected and the technique used to bring about your own “miracle!” — by working with principles!

The Huna Fellowship provides a world-wise support network to help you use Huna effectively and the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group which meets regularly to send healing to those who request it.

Huna considers the powers of the mind to be natural and inherent in everyone. Huna teaches that everyone is directly connected to God. It is based on the knowledge of how the three levels of consciousness the “Three Selves” of Huna) function effectively when working harmoniously together and how to use MANA, the Vital Force that energizes and heals.

The Huna Way of Life

Huna is a Way of Life and emphasizes normal living in a very effective and fulfilling way. The Huna way of life may be described as THE HURTLESS AND HELPFUL LIFE.

Huna is an action– something that you DO! You will learn to use the principles personally and will not need to depend on someone else to do things for you. You can use Huna to help others as well as yourself.

As Max Freedom Long often said, “If your not using Huna, you are working too hard!”

–James Vinson Wingo