Horoscope Virgo

(From 24 of August to 23 of September)


The Virgo native is usually quiet, shy and observant. It is not easy to discover what you are thinking, but it is certainly valuable. Virginians are intelligent, studious and simple people.

They are not fanatics of big luxuries and they are satisfied with the basics, if they can have a good conversation with the friends, who are few, but very good.

Quite a perfectionist, he often spends too much time on certain projects that he expects to be perfect, which at times is inconvenient for the final result, especially when immediate action is required.

QUALITYMutable or double
COLORDark green

The Virgo native likes to help others, is honest and very cautious. This last characteristic can be quite irritable for natives of other signs, more impulsive. If you expect a Virgo to kiss you on the first date, being in the 21st century, you better stay at home. He and she love traditions and rituals, because they go according to their own rhythms. Because of his capacity for observation, the Virgo is a good counselor and is able to see the details of a cumbersome situation, where others see a whole without difficulties.

Virgo is characterized by its reserve and its patience. Sometimes they may seem distant, but it is only fear of showing themselves in depth, by an almost ancestral insecurity to let their opinions flow. In general, it is easier for them to keep listening to a discussion in any meeting than to be integrated into it. There is a certain feminine charm that is general to both sexes, probably because it is ruled by stars that correspond to the Virgin. They are careful with their person and their possessions. Methodical and logical, they learn in depth when they propose to know something. They are quite intuitive and, sometimes, hesitant because reason plays against the heart.

The Virgo loves humanity, so it is usually cautious and efficient, in pursuit of the perfection of all its tasks, whether or not its immediate responsibility. He is determined and, almost always, very orderly, both in his way of thinking and in his daily attitude. His arguments are usually solid and he is a great collaborator in the work. In love, he prefers stability to adventure, giving and demanding commitment and fidelity. If you want someone to listen to you and advise you with wisdom, approach a Virgo, since he will be available to deliver all his experience to those he loves and respects.