Horoscope Taurus Weekly

(From Monday 30 to Sunday 05 of February 2023)

(From 21 of April to 21 of May)

Taurus will have a concern for having been at rest for a long time. It’s time to reactivate those energies and solve your problems, so you’ll be very busy this week. Forget about the way of thinking from years ago, start forming a new mentality that derives from your past experiences.

Having a little time with a partner could help your relationship, but be careful, that person has had many ups and downs with you and is too sensitive. Before trying to heal wounds, it is best to make a change and be honest with yourself. If you are in a period of singleness, it is not bad to stay a little more like this.

You will have every afternoon a little extra energy for the position of the stars, which continually renew their cycle emanating their vibrations. Always be alert for a new job offer that suits you. Do not leave your studies behind, even if you feel that “there is no time”. In such a way that you have to organize more efficiently.