Horoscope Taurus Today

( 23 of April 2021)

(From 21 of April to 21 of May)

Do not tell your investment ideas to anyone for today, even if you consider them trustworthy. If you are jealous with your partner you will only be able to drown her, talk with a lot of respect about what you feel. Memorize very well the words of your boss at work, since through that advice you will emerge quickly and without problem.

Your Friday will be perfect to start a new business, so get ready and keep your mind always positive. You will have progress in the economic area since you have been learning about good savings. Your sacrifices will soon have Taurus fruits, do not give up and show that characteristic disposition of your sign.

The passion for nature is always in you, and today is a good day to go out to sunbathe, observe the sky, and sources of water. Art, like painting or music will help you open your mind and get new ideas necessary for your mental development. On a physical level you could be better, try to do some walking during the morning.