Horoscope Taurus Today

( 01 of February 2023)

(From 21 of April to 21 of May)

Times of change in love are coming, and they will be highly positive. Your thoughts were right, that person you admired so much, is the right one and you should take the initiative. At first, you will notice some apathy, but this is only an illusion. It will be a Wednesday charged with positivism and high intensity of energy.

Taurus health is strong, and that will not change for this day. In fact, you will be revitalized and ready for a workday that involves overtime. Do not forgive that person who hurt you, just seek again to cause it.

In the social, you will be somewhat scattered but you will not deny yourself a good start with your friends. It is what you need, and the stars with their powerful influence will grant it to you. Do not discard the possibility of being selected today for an important task, it can be for the university, work, school or course in which you participate.