Horoscope Taurus Today

( 18 of August 2019)

(From 21 of April to 21 of May)

The stars have today formed a circle of energy that positively affect those of the Taurus sign. Therefore, the chances of getting what you were looking for in the workplace, are almost 100%. Today propose to sweeten the life of that charismatic person you love. Being alone together and taking a little time to enjoy is nothing wrong. Make your partner feel more than special.

Regarding your finances and work, you should not fear, since the time that a good offer comes to your life is near. For now stabilize and demonstrate your full potential. Partner with someone who has the same level of knowledge as you, so that the business you have in mind is successful.

This Sunday you will feel with some dizziness or nausea during the afternoon hours, and your stomach will be the culprit. Consume less sugar and rest to save energy. Attentive to alcohol consumption, reduce it as much as possible.