Horoscope Taurus Today

( 26 of January 2021)

(From 21 of April to 21 of May)

Playing with someone is not something nice, and although it will seem that it does not affect you, it does and it will have serious consequences. This Tuesday you will learn a lesson that you will never forget, and it will be related to the trust you put in your work partners. Love will remain silent in your life, and that sometimes frustrates you, but the moment will soon come to know you.

Focus on your health this Tuesday; A bruise from long ago has left remnants of which you have not noticed. For its detection, it will be necessary to consult a professional. Before the evening falls your energy will decay.

The best weapon that Taurus has is its way of acting, so do not change it in the face of criticism. It will be a good day to talk and hang out with friends, since you need relaxation. You accumulate too much muscle tension and by the passage of the full moon will be much longer.