Horoscope Taurus

(From 21 of April to 21 of May)


Tauro, como signo de tierra, representa la estabilidad de lo práctico. El nativo de este signo suele ser una persona con fuerza, inteligente e intelectual. Es un buscador nato, pero siempre bajo el prisma de lo que permanece, lo duradero y, casi siempre, de la tradición.

Aunque no lo parece por su evidente fuerza personal, el Tauro es una persona conservadora y respetuosa, lo que hace que los demás los tengan en consideración para cualquier actividad, ya sea social o laboral.

No es un nativo tímido, por el contrario, es alguien decidido que sabe lo que quiere y no tiene miedo a ir por ello.

COLORGreen and Blue

A Taurus can meet with a thousand difficulties on the way, but he will never lose the north and will go on until he gets the job. They tend to be obsessive, so they will do whatever it takes to realize the idea they have in mind. It will not be easy to convince them to make some changes to get a good result, but when you see for yourself, that it is necessary to modify the plan, it will do so without problems. The native of this sign usually appears as a very egocentric and mysterious being, an attitude that attracts people who love to decipher the difficult. Thus, their love relationships are sometimes quite complex.

The tastes of the Taurus native are eclectic, but they seek, above all, the beauty and charm of art. Lovers of luxury and the best things in life, are often interested in money at an early age. Therefore, they will study rather traditional careers, which generate good income. That does not mean that they are selfish, since they will be able to deliver the soul for those they love. Even some are usually religious and interested in the subject in depth, if it is related to solidarity.