Horoscope Scorpio Today

( 01 of February 2023)

(From 24 of October to 22 of November)

Your economy will be affected by your bad decisions. A woman close to your family will be willing to help you with the problem that does not let you sleep. Today you will have to put twice as much effort and motivate the people around you to get an important recognition.

Scorpio, during the afternoon of this Wednesday you will feel tempted to spend all your annual savings on what seems to be the offer of your life. If you do, consider that sooner rather than later there will be couple disputes. However at the level of health your body will be in perfect condition.

You tend to feel resentment toward people who once hurt you, change that. Your mind is somewhat cloudy and you need to reflect on the way you handle your love life. Escape a bit of that reality through nature and its benefits.