Horoscope Scorpio Today

( 18 of August 2019)

(From 24 of October to 22 of November)

You will link your heart and your whole being to a person who will soon leave and that will break your spirits somewhat. Do not let reason be overshadowed by feelings, and focus on your personal issues while wounds heal. Your stay in a nearby place, very similar to your home will bring you new knowledge conducive to your work area.

You will miss being alone, and later you will have a bit of melancholy. The afternoon will come with news of improvements for your family. If you are a father, your son will be proud today to the fullest. If you are single, today you will have a lot of confidence to take the first step in your conquest.

Your head will hurt hard at the end of the afternoon. Visit the most trusted doctor and tell him, be very precise with the treatment. Self-help is a good option, if you want to change a bit of character. The Scorpio constellation today has a lot of power and it will boost your goal.