Horoscope Scorpio Today

( 23 of April 2021)

(From 24 of October to 22 of November)

A new proposal of love will be on the verge of being lost if you do not take the initiative. In your work context, prepare yourself more at the level of knowledge because someone could endanger your position. Know more about your limits and do not suffocate with work that you can not do. Lately you like too much to be above the ideas of others.

Do not let yourself be cut by the low price of a service, product or possible investment; It will be deceiving. You will be happy throughout the morning, and that is good because even your relatives will notice. But yes, look for more motivation and surround yourself with people with your same ideals.

Have patience for a medical treatment of which you will be told today, it is mild and easy to cure, but it is difficult for you to follow instructions. The insomnia will disappear little by little, since you will not be as over-saturated with energy as in previous nights.