Horoscope Scorpio Today

( 13 of July 2020)

(From 24 of October to 22 of November)

Never mix your relationship with work during this day. That person will have a negative impact on your performance, and you must learn to manage the time spent on each aspect. You will be busy during the morning, and you will receive good news related to the purchase of a property that will be very useful in the long term.

Do not underestimate the familiar moments that life gives you. Very soon you will be the one who has the leadership and you will be the central pillar of it. Soon there will be a noticeable change in your economy, and resorting to new activities to find extra income will not hurt.

Venus will focus your energy in the afternoon, you will be very restless in those hours and try to rest. Your Scorpio character will shine during the night, so avoid strong arguments. Remember the importance of having a good physical condition, act on it through deep breathing and cardiovascular exercises.