Horoscope Scorpio

(From 24 of October to 22 of November)


The Scorpio, like all signs of water, is sensitive and mysterious. He has an impressive ability to relate to magic and the supernatural.

Like the scorpion, it can self-inflict damage in moments of depression, believing that it is entirely to blame in situations in which, by mistake, the result has not been as expected. However, he has the ability to reinvent himself and move on, when the rest of the world still believes that he or she is no longer counted.

It is not an easy sign to know, but its emotional energy is so strong that it will be noticed, for better or for worse.

CHARACTERVery reasoners
COLORGarnet or Intense Red

The natives of Scorpio are some of the most intense of the zodiac. They are beings with many qualities, those that attract the environment, that try to decipher its mysteries. It makes sense, since the Scorpio is absolutely mysterious. Seemingly calm, suddenly exploits all its potential and those who are at your side can be charmed and even scared by this personality that is not shown daily. In general, the native of this sign looks kind and reserved, but likes to participate in activities where they can carry out an interesting conversation. There, they will share with different types of people, regardless of their origin, just to enjoy knowing something more of the world.

The Scorpio usually has a strong character, which does not mean that it is a person who comes screaming to a place, far from it. His mere presence, although he is shy or humble, makes the rest of the audience pay attention to his words. He is tenacious and sensitive. He is affected by his environment and often feels hurt. They are critical and will say what they think without putting a shortcut to what can come out of their mouths. On its positive side, the Scorpio can be a great leader because of the energy it has inside. Its negative area occurs when it self-destructs due to fault or due to its excessive expectations in the face of any situation that ultimately is not viable.

Following this immense inner energy, the Scorpio can be quite passionate and determined about what he really wants. His emotion allows him to perceive the truth of the rest of the people, which is an advantage, as well as a big problem. To know the human being too well, sometimes brings disappointments. There is a great variety within the Scorpion natives: there are sweet, aggressive, disciplined or disordered. Almost everyone believes they have the absolute truth and seek to convince the rest of the world that they are right.