Horoscope Sagittarius Weekly

(From Monday 30 to Sunday 05 of February 2023)

(From 23 of November to 21 of December)

A week with huge surprises; Astrological changes that will affect your health throughout these days may come. However, you will know how to overcome any obstacle because you are a champion, Sagittarius. Rejoice then a new crop of income is to be collected. All thanks to a good investment that you will recognize as soon as it is presented.

In the workplace you will have a couple of obstacles but it will not be serious. Your boss will be somewhat reluctant to grant you the increase you so desire. However, if you strive as it should, without going into exaggeration, the greater star will give you his blessing.

The path of love will open to you whenever you are attentive to the signs of that person this week. It could not be something so direct, and therefore it will be necessary to resort to your highest levels of intuition. At night, meditate and relax your body with a hot drink, since the moon can overload your body with stress.