Horoscope Sagittarius today

( 18 of August 2019)

(From 23 of November to 21 of December)

The distance between you and your partner will not only be physical this day. There will be disputes and a sudden change in the plans of each one, which will have a lot of repercussion during the next year. You can avoid this type of situation only if you sacrifice some of your time dedicated to work. Quickly solve a disturbing thought that keeps you perplexed at night, related to your finances.

A group of people will meet tonight at a work meeting to decide an aspect that concerns you too much. As for your health, be alert to a possible kidney failure that has started to get worse since this Sunday. Keep calm because your trusted doctor has the solution.

Sagittarian, your heart is strong and you must have patience to find pure happiness. Have faith, since the stars are on your side to satisfy your whims. Rejoice and appreciate every second of this Sunday, which, although it seems to be full of difficult dilemmas, is just the storm before the great dawn.