Horoscope Sagittarius today

( 26 of January 2021)

(From 23 of November to 21 of December)

With being careful when choosing where to deposit money, you will avoid many problems. Avoid using credits for this day, and be satisfied with managing what you have. As a good member of the Sagittarian family, you will have to explore better ways of doing business. Stress is consuming you and clouding your mind completely; relate to people who only offer calm to your life.

Health always has to be a topic that you leave aside, but this Tuesday make sure to keep a close eye on your teeth, and also your eyesight. At social gatherings, do not be afraid to comment on what bothers you. Lately you have restrained yourself in that subject and could give you bad times.

The calm will help you to regenerate the balance that you had lost with your personal things. Sagittarius must reflect more deeply on love, from which he has been moving away to avoid injury. Take courage and continue with a positive mind.