Horoscope Sagittarius today

( 23 of April 2021)

(From 23 of November to 21 of December)

A time with many difficulties has passed, and you should have learned from it. Now this Friday the negative emotional charge that you accumulated could explode. It is then where you will apply what your experience has given you. The virtue of Sagittarius lies in its spirit of leadership and good organization. Do not let the work overwhelm you or take away more time than stipulated; Donate for this day at those extra hours.

Try to contain yourself and reserve that huge desire you have to apply for a loan. Unnecessary expenses also have to be reduced or eliminated. This Friday, Sagittarius has to have a continuous talk with his inner self. Ask yourself about what you have achieved, and persevere in new goals. Insist on that person who rejected you recently; Today you have more opportunity.

It may seem strange to you that today you have a corporal heaviness, but it is normal given that the moon has exerted a certain burden on the Sagittarians. Add cardiovascular exercises to your routine. A person who frequents see a lot, is planning a trip in which, perhaps you will not see him again.