Horoscope Sagittarius

(From 23 of November to 21 of December)


The native of Sagittarius is usually a lover of pleasure, especially sensory. Love the good life, go out to eat at different restaurants, attend parties, travel and social life in general.

He will never refuse an adventure, but will embark on it only until it causes him some conflict with the family. Sagittarians fall in love easily and most flirt with infidelity.

They like the difficult, because with their optimism, they assure that they can conquer the world and all the beings that are in it. Once they calm down, they can be family lovers and give everything for her.

QUALITYMutable or double
COLORPurple, blue, violet and loving

For Sagittarius, there are never problems. Everything is solved and in the worst of crises, you can make a joke to relax the environment. The natives of this sign are versatile, they can be engineers and paint wonderful pictures in their spare time. They are honest and reliable, they are usually quite religious or scholars of spirituality. They feel comfortable as part of a group, which usually becomes a membership of a sports club or a political party. Where there is conversation, some cause and the need for collective work, a Sagittarian will appear and most likely he will be the leader.

You do not stop the Sagittarian with anything. It is constantly moving, creating, thinking or doing something. He is impatient and expects others to follow his same rhythm. However, you may understand that not everyone has the same energy and is likely to sacrifice your time to support the less skilled team member. Mentally, the native of this sign can become superior and if you give him resources and space, he will lead projects that will make a difference in the place where they happen. Of course, it is one of the signs that most need transcendence and in that effort directs its efforts also to the service of others.

The native of Sagittarius has many abilities. Besides being a very mental and organized person, he has the gift to relate with others. Thus, it turns out that, in addition to being a sign of strength, intelligence and energy, it is also fortunate to have highly charming natives. Therefore, the least pleasant characteristic of this sign is its facility to be unfaithful. When that happens, the divided energy not only causes problems for the Sagittarian but also for the parties involved, because without realizing it, it transmits all its frustration.