Horoscope Pisces Today

( 21 of October 2019)

(From 20 of February to 20 of March)

Amate yourself a little more, and you will conquer all that stands in front of you this Monday. The least important thing for you is what you need to pay extra attention to today. The small details that you add to your relationship will be appreciated, you are a very busy person but there will always be a moment for romanticism.

At work you will be entrusted with a project of great weight and you should seek support from your team. Finance will have some other difficulty, but do not be alarmed that it will only be something short and solvable through analysis.

The discomfort of vision will be more recurrent, you have been avoiding consulting a doctor on the subject and it is time to do so. Your body needs to be purified, consume more pure water, exercise and clear your mind of everything that overwhelms you. The result will be a Piscean with much more vitality.