Horoscope Pisces

(From 20 of February to 20 of March)


The Pisces sign is pure sensibility, romanticism and tradition. This sign, governed by water, carries emotion as a standard. Therefore, it is easy to find artists, painters, singers and even mimes within the Piscians.

Generally, the native of the sign is kind, although because of his sensitivity he tends to feel hurt by any gesture or attitude of others and will demonstrate it with some gesture almost imperceptible to the common people.

He is friendly and kind, it will hardly be noticed at first glance that he is quite stubborn, which makes him constantly manipulate if he does not get what he wants. If the counterpart does not react, your intelligence will allow you to evaluate the situation and make the best decision at the end of the conflict.

QUALITYMutable or double
COLORMarine Green and Indigo

Pisces are peaceful and patient. They like good life and harmony. Nice, they tend to fall very well in any social activity. They are loved by the environment and do not pose danger to the rest, because they have no greater ambitions than a well-established family, with several children, and the basics for it to work. Definitely not a greedy sign and its natives prefer to be adherents of a cause, to actively participate in it. Although they are generous by nature, jealousy can get them into trouble because they do not like to share theirs. If they feel that their stability is threatened, whether in the realm of family, partner or work, they will do anything to defend it, even if their fear is only that they fear losing what they have.

The natives of Pisces are good workers. They do not have problems when it comes to following instructions and they are not very conflictive. But, they need to be reinforced in their work to feel safe, even when they are experts in what they do. His best tools are intelligence and perseverance. In addition, they are loyal and will look badly at any collaborator who does not do their job, but they will never say anything because Pisces respects individuality, even if it prefers the group.

A Pisces can be a great counselor, since in its simplicity it usually encloses a lot of wisdom. It also has a tendency to the spiritual, so it perceives, with ease, truths that the rest is not able to see. Water and its emotionality give this native a special gift for the esoteric, a subject that is usually part of their interests. He is a good observer of the human being and escapes from complex situations, but if he has to face them, he will do it calmly and the result will be successful.