Horoscope Libra Tomorrow

( 02 of October 2020)

(From 23 of September to 23 of October)

A bit of fresh air would do you no harm, librano. Friday is a day to be continually finding new experiences, and perhaps you have forgotten about it. Consider a deadline to make future investments, perhaps at the end of this same day. Meditate them to the detriment and the fruits will arise in the short term. Keep that optimism characteristic of your sign and that favors your ruling planet.

In the economy you will have some stumbling given to bad decisions. Consult with an expert in the area, and make structural changes in your budget. You have been making some serious mistakes with your friends and people who love you, and it is time to redeem through gestures or approach.

This day natural light will be your guide and will come with greater force during midday. The moon is going to have something thoughtful but do not worry. Wait until the circadian cycles are fulfilled naturally; sleep to restore them or it will be harmful to your health.