Horoscope Libra

(From 23 of September to 23 of October)


Libra, with its balance as a representative symbol, contrary to what people believe, does not correspond directly with balance, but with the search for it.

It is the sign of civility and justice, the longing for the best for oneself and for the environment, as well as the need to obtain harmony in everything that its natives do. It is therefore easy to find lawyers, judges, mediators, professors and diplomats born under the influence of Venus who is the ruler of this zodiac sign, although the office is not the best motivator for your nimble mind.

Also, in the creative area, we can find an infinity of architects under this sign.


The native of Libra is usually smart and charming. Independent of its physical conformation, it emits a magic that generates strong attractions among the others. They tend to be impartial in the face of a conflict, but if it is necessary to position themselves on the one hand, they will first conduct a thorough analysis before making a choice. The Libra likes attention, but it seems a humility that does not bother, making it pleasing in the eyes of others, because it is part of his personality. They do not like conflict or hatred and if they feel threatened they will tell it to the four winds. In general, they do not like being contradicted and will demonstrate it, with a word or a gesture, but they are able to give in to get a consensus.

A Libra feels enclosed by four walls, so if he can not travel, he will do so by means of the mind and creativity. As he is a lover of pleasures, he must constantly balance the scales so as not to fall into excesses of all kinds. Curiosity often leads to dangerous situations or situations that can easily get out of control. He is generous with his time and his things, but demands reciprocity in friends and partner.

The native of this sign is trusted in love, which sometimes brings deep disappointments. His antagonistic side in this area is that he tends to be very possessive and wants the couple to be as intense or intense as she or he is. He needs a lot of affection and is family. Stability means a great dream for Libra. But while the decisions he advises to take others are great and effective, in his search for balance, he will hesitate more than a hundred times before making a decision for his own problems.