Horoscope Leo Weekly

(From Monday 30 to Sunday 05 of February 2023)

(From 21 of June to 23 of July)

Leo, your week will have many beneficial experiences for your health and economy. You will be studying in your area of ​​work, possibly a trip is approaching where you will be recommended by your boss or person of superior position. Therefore, your economic level could take a leap from which you never thought to have. It will only depend on whether you control the situation, using your social skills: smile and demonstrate serenity.

Like every person who is ruled under the sign of Leo, your leadership will be marked wherever you go. Focus on taking matters of love with care, since impose on that person could end up overwhelming. Today your intuition will be sharper than ever, and that will help you find the right thing about a new investment.

Your health will not be the best, since you will feel some weakness, especially in the afternoons. You will accumulate some stress, and that is due to the clash of influences between Saturn and Jupiter. Do not be alarmed, since with a little exercise, like all Leo, you will get ahead.