Horoscope Leo Tomorrow

( 02 of February 2023)

(From 23 of June to 23 of July)

Unquestionably Leo today will show more his feelings. Stick to your wife or partner and romanticism will bloom throughout the day. If you are single, you have everything to gain by revealing your sincere feelings to that person you have been missing. Do not try to get over the beliefs or desires of a close relative, you could hurt without noticing.

The stars tend this day to approach, including Jupiter and Saturn, who will have an impact on your sex life. You will be very sleepy and that stresses you. Make an exercise plan and balance your diet with nuts, meat and natural drinks. Before the midday bell touches, your fiery passion flame will be the same as before.

Do not confide your work responsibilities to members of your team. Instead, try to plan every activity of your day millimetrically. A new person will arrive at your office, home or place of social gathering that will greatly inconvenience you. Reduce your sincerity and only treat it out of courtesy, otherwise there will be a great family discussion.