Horoscope Leo Today

( 19 of October 2019)

(From 21 of July to 23 of August)

Your father figure or the person who has influenced you since childhood, today seeks to contact you for positive news. Contemplate all the achievements you have behind your path, and do not let adversities blind your goal. Leo, you will be super relaxed today, and that will benefit your social life.

They will touch your heart once more, and this time it would be better if you listen carefully. Your sexual energy will be at its peak, and you will have to repress it so as not to hurt someone very attached to you. Explore a better way to sustain your home economically. In recent days you have had management problems, and that will only be solved with professional help.

Your stomach will be somewhat affected due to an energetic remnant that has left the path of Mercury. This is one of the key reasons to avoid consuming fats in your diet. If you have animals at home, petting them will help you channel negative energies and stress levels.