Horoscope Leo Today

( 26 of January 2021)

(From 21 of July to 23 of August)

Leo, this Tuesday your aggressiveness will be noticed too much and that could affect you in the loving thing. Be a little more competitive, and that will give you more purchasing power for this day and the rest of the week. You will feel that you are working too much but you really are not contributing all your potential. As born in this sign learn to manage your energies and not combine them with emotions.

You will find a dilemma at noon, and it will be subtly difficult to solve. It will be related to your way of thinking about love. If you are in a couple, seek professional help, as a therapy to alleviate the situation.

You will have a discussion to get a new budget agreed at home. Eliminate the tensions of the day with a relaxing drink, it will be recommended given the great energy load that Saturn will exercise during this day. Look for inspiration in nature if you are going to dabble in arts or activities that require concentration.