Horoscope Leo Today

( 13 of July 2020)

(From 21 of July to 23 of August)

This Monday will be different to what you have as a habit: you will feel something of fear to give yourself fully in a new project. Leo is quite sure of himself, and you must apply what characterizes you. Reassure yourself, the results will be quite positive but in the long term.

The stars will purify your heart, and you will show a facet that few know about you; that of being loving and protective. If you are living together as a couple, there will be a lot of sexual energy that you will have to unleash. Singles, will enter a vicious circle that they better escape. Evade toxic jealousy

Your ambitions as an entrepreneur are not all bad, but today, Monday, you will put your feet on the ground and maintain order in a business of which you had high hopes. Live the present and take advantage of opportunities. In health there will be ups and downs, starting with a small dizziness and