Horoscope Leo

(From 21 of July to 23 of August)


The native of Leo is, like the animal that rules it, the king or queen of its spaces. He is usually the center of attention for his energy, his attitude towards others and his sympathy.

It is a strong sign, capable of facing anything. It is also a person who cares about their environment, analyzing situations and actions, in order to guide them towards a common good. If he has problems, he confronts them without waiting for help.

He is a direct person who can sometimes even hurt others, by his way of saying things. It is not a politically correct being, it only expresses what it thinks and that is, both its main virtue and, sometimes, its greatest defect.


A Leo can become a person with anger if he feels betrayed. Instead, he will be sweet and affectionate with the people who are loyal to him. Although it may not seem like it, the Leo native is also someone very sensitive. Although it does not show it openly, anything, especially disloyalty, can do a lot of damage and an angry Leo is not something you want to see very often, it will make you feel like a little rat and you will want to flee at full speed. But this is not frequent since the native of this sign is usually someone very nice. In addition, he is creative, he likes everything that involves adventure, new things and art. Enjoy the controlled risk.

In love and at work, the native Leo gives himself passionately. Although sometimes it is difficult to find something to commit – because it has to be a person, a situation or a project too interesting for him to fix his attention on it – once he does, he does not abandon it and feeds the relationship, work or couple , with daily passion, putting all their effort for success in the task.

Leo likes to show his talent and one of his aspirations is to be remembered. Therefore, it is easy to find musicians, singers, writers and artists among the natives of this sign. When Leo can not achieve his goals, he is frustrated for some time, but if he manages to control the inner lion, then he can be recognized for all his power. But not everything is egocentric, also the sign is distinguished by its concern for the environment. They are good people, although at times it seems that everything is oriented to be recognized, in general, they can be adorable.