Horoscope Gemini Tomorrow

( 25 of January 2021)

(From 22 of May to 22 of June)

A smile will make your day happy, it is linked to that person you love so much and who you had time without seeing. A strange event related to your former partner is going to happen, possibly an accident where you get hurt. However, if you manage to get completely away from that person, everything will be avoided. This day will be full of surprises.

Use a part of the capital that you had destined for a material investment towards your health. If you belong to the elderly, try to visit the cardiologist as soon as possible. Emphasize improving the management of your company, and if you are an employee, get involved more with your team.

You will agree with a person that you still have resentment, and this could interpose in your good mood. The passage of Saturn during this Monday will have you something thoughtful, so try to act more quickly and not stagnate in the planning. Listen more to your inner voice.