Horoscope Gemini Today

( 24 of January 2021)

(From 22 of May to 22 of June)

Never forget that the essence of a good family lies in their union, you have had a bit of bustle during the week and this is obvious. The best way to gain the trust of a beautiful person is through gestures and not through the material. Gemini, today you must become a leader for your work group; If you are a business owner it is time to get strict.

You will be more active than normal, that will be noticeable by those around you. Protect yourself with courage to restore broken ties with your partner. Study your current economic situation, because there is a flight of capital or, air of betrayal by a partner or person of confidence.

You will achieve Sunday rest from all the mental bustle you are used to, but you should not let your guard down. Those born under the sign of Gemini today will feel great anxiety for the future, but they must learn to stay calm and do each step at a time, without rushing to finish goals.