Horoscope Gemini Today

( 29 of September 2020)

(From 22 of May to 22 of June)

It will be a day full of complexity in aspects such as social, or economic. First, you will have strong discussions with those close to you in your work, but it will not be about work but about the way you relate to them. Neighbors, or brothers will also be somewhat hostile because of your negativity. It channels all the stress and seeks to do activities such as yoga or meditation.

The economy, will have a strong increase in income this day, seeks to save a considerable portion. At the end of the same day you will have the opportunity to acquire something that you have always wanted at a good price. Undertaking this day will be profitable and successful in what you propose.

Decisions about love will be affected by Uranus, and therefore you will have a little frivolity with the couple. Listen carefully and sometimes shut up. The influence of the planet and your actions will guarantee admiration and respect for that person. Drastically cut if you are part of a relationship at a distance.