Horoscope Gemini

(From 22 of May to 22 of June)


Gemini are mental, creative and dual, and can have two faces. They are versatile and can exercise an infinity of professional careers, all with success. However, their indecision and the variety of possibilities they access, can confuse them and sometimes they do not know what to choose, nor what they really love.

Its character is usually quite complex and the natives of this sign are known for their angel-demon duality. Sometimes they want something with passion and the next day they throw it away.

They are imaginative and somewhat egocentric. Sensitive to humanity and animals, they are excellent people and you will not regret if you are able to love the two twins.

QUALITYMutable or double

Gemini is able to start several projects at once, because their interests are many. Unfortunately, after a while they get bored and abandon them, due to their lack of perseverance. They are eternal, loving and generous children with those who love deeply. They can also be spoiled, at times. Depending on your ascendant, we can find Gemini too attached to money. In general, the natives of this sign need to be the center of attention everywhere. Otherwise, they feel hurt and the difficult side emerges. They love gifts, not because of their value, but because of the fact that someone cared about them. They tend to be depressed when things do not go as they expect.

The natives of Gemini love the game, especially those where they can demonstrate their knowledge and intellectual capacity. They can not stand the monotony and have little patience for reading, although they enjoy in situ knowledge. Travel is your greatest aspiration and also your best tool for learning. They are analytical and very critical. It is easy for them to judge their neighbor, but it is hard for them to recognize their mistakes.

They are faithful in love and quite passionate. Geminis love movement and change. The routine depresses them a lot and the dramatic twin can be a real nightmare. They love to prepare social gatherings and sow happiness, but they tend to be judges of others, so they can make themselves some enemies. Gemini is a vital, creative, intelligent and active sign. The natives of this zodiacal sign, sometimes, can be exhausting. If someone calls you at two o’clock in the morning to tell you something unimportant, surely you are a native of this sign. You will never get bored with a geminian next to you.