Horoscope Capricorn Weekly

(From Monday 30 to Sunday 05 of February 2023)

(From 22 of December to 20 of January)

Capricorn will be more attentive around him, and that is good for completing goals. However, you may be neglecting yourself. You must therefore escape the vicious circle into which you have entered into love. Only one person will not be to blame for your injuries, allow yourself a time to get away from them all.

The health will not be the best and is that you will be affected by a small discomfort in the knees. You will be somewhat busy and you will not have time to listen to your children, or younger siblings. Try to do it then it will be too late and as a good Capricorn, you will reproach him day and night.

Your persistence and wisdom are a virtue that you will have to use at work. You will be under pressure, and a person whose pores emanate envy, will try to humiliate you publicly. Therefore, reassure yourself that you will be victorious, not only because of your characteristic gift, but because of the influence that Mars has provided. Your destiny is slowly forging.