Horoscope Capricorn Tomorrow

( 02 of February 2023)

(From 22 of December to 20 of January)

You will meet a new member of your family, and this will have too much relevance in future steps. The union between two people in your workplace will be the beginning of a possible break in the performance of your company or business. Take strong actions regarding your health, since lately you have left it aside. The tiredness of the nights is due to much more than just hustle and bustle.

This Thursday Capricorn will have two tests related to love. One of them in conjunction with a former partner. It will be tempting to go back to the past, more inside you know that it will not be at all convenient. Another one will be shown through one of your children, brothers or cousins. If you really have affection for that person, sacrifice a little time and give him your wisdom. You will get rid of many problems.

Your well-being and economic life will collide, since there will be large medical expenses that were not in your budget. From now on try to establish a part of your income for that aspect. Capricorn, be humble of heart and intelligent of spirit.