Horoscope Capricorn Today

( 01 of February 2023)

(From 22 of December to 20 of January)

You will feel that your relationship is under threat, and you will be carried away by absurd jealousy. Your partner will be severely affected by your actions, try to be more affectionate. You have the opportunity to avoid this situation if you use relaxation techniques, and being a little more open in communication.

If you have a company or intend to invest in a business, it will not be advisable, since there will be debate between you and your partners. The stars have aligned so that if you propose short-term goals, you will achieve them. This Wednesday you will have to take the first step.

You have not channeled your energy enough and today you will have to resort to physical training or dedicate extra hours at work for greater productivity. You will be somewhat difficult for social gatherings and it is very likely that you prefer to be alone. Your love of material things is drowning you and you will learn that the beauty of life can not be touched.