Horoscope Capricorn Today

( 13 of July 2020)

(From 22 of December to 20 of January)

A couple of tasks that will symbolize a lot in the long term you will have to perform. One of them is linked to your home, such as having a conversation with children or a wife. The other is more attached to your area of work, since you will have to expose your ideas before a board of important weight. Avoid falling into egocentrism, and focus more every day on the basics.

This Monday, you will compensate for all kinds of hustle and bustle with a noticeable improvement in your economy. You will feel much more comfortable, and it is allow yourself to give something to the person you love. That will mean too much for her. Quickly get a loan, and invest in that small offer that you ignored long ago.

Strangely today you will feel somewhat impatient and you will not have peace when sleeping. Relax with the soft aroma of incense. If you are a consumer of tobacco or alcoholic beverages, it is time to lower the dose since it is affecting your lungs and liver.