Horoscope Capricorn Today

( 18 of August 2019)

(From 22 of December to 20 of January)

Do not let that toxic couple get in the way of your decisions, if possible, take some time alone. Make a quick move about a business you had been insisting on, the time is today and not tomorrow. The arrival of Venus in your constellation will keep you turbulent and somewhat grumpy.

One advantage of being Capricorn is your wisdom. Use a group therapy technique for the members of your family, they value you a lot and it is not for less. There will be peace in the home or in the family. Interact with your neighbors because one of them has something important to tell you.

Concentrate on caring for the health of your skin. The sun will be more charged than ever with energy and the consequences could be serious. The use of canned food for your diet will harm your digestive system in the short term. This Sunday he tries to make expenses intelligently.