Horoscope Capricorn

(From 22 of December to 20 of January)


Capricorn is the sign of stability, if you seek it, marry a person of this sign. That could be a first definition for a native of this sign, which should be the most calm and balanced of the zodiac.

Although there can always be an exception, the Capricorn is responsible, honest, practical and hardworking. He presents himself as an ideal person to lead any company that needs clear ideas and security, which includes business, charitable organizations, clubs or the home.

A Capricorn will always be a contribution to society, because he is willing to achieve any goal that is set as his goal, if he really believes in it.

COLORDark Grey, Brown and Black

Capricorn can be conquered with music, art and a meal of different origins every day, whenever this “conquest” is carried out with an attitude of little insistence. The Capricorn native detests the pressure and the impulsive. Although he seems a perfect person based on his description, a Capricorn is always a seeker of absolute truth, so he will easily look melancholic and will not seem very happy. As it is usually the mainstay of support for your family, your friends, your collaborators and your employees, you must strive to maintain your own stability. Then, to receive something in return, from the closest ones, as much affection and attention, is of total justice.

Capricorns are often demanding, since the example of responsibility that they impose does not allow them too much flexibility when judging others. Therefore, it is not easy to fall in love for a native of this sign. Their love experience is more mental than emotional and if they do not find the “right partner”, they will prefer to make their way in solitude. His feelings are deep and stable, so he expects the same from the person who accompanies them in life. Generally they establish an affective relationship, serious and committed, when they are somewhat older.