Horoscope Cancer Tomorrow

( 02 of February 2023)

(From 23 of June to 23 of July)

If you love that person do not let go, and it will not be for your own convenience, but a hugely serious event could change your life. It is in your nature to protect others. If you are going through a period of solitude, you should not mortify yourself because it will help you to understand many things about yourself. Consider tracing more short-term goals.

This Thursday is a moment of enjoyment. Prepare a group outing, the essential thing is to include activities such as dancing or hiking. You will manage to maintain a balance between fun and physical activity of very low intensity. You will forget today everything related to finances, since they have an enviable stability.

The moon will have a great effect on you tonight. You will feel some drowsiness, but later you will remain in a state of prolonged hyperactivity. This effect must be used profitably, so resort to reading, until falling asleep.