Horoscope Aquarius Today

( 18 of August 2019)

(From 21 of January to 19 of February)

Sunday is a day of rest, and consider using it for such. You have been spending a lot of energy during your work and that could affect your health a bit. Give opportunity to new friendships, to those neighbors or coworkers with whom you do not talk often. In general, you will have a wonderful day that will leave you satisfied in love and economy, there will be small changes but very positive. Get out of the rut and experience new sensations.

Fight against adversity and always keep a smile, is part of the personality of an Aquarian. Keep that attitude with every movement you plan to make regarding the work; since a new project of high complexity could arise.

It will denote a great connection with a person that will suddenly appear in your life, but not for that you will give your total confidence. Take your time and express what you feel after getting more deeply involved. The remorses of the past could regain their effect on you.