Horoscope Aquarius

(From 21 of January to 23 of February)


The native of Aquarius has a very attractive personality. He appears as someone strong and frontal. Although the air is his element, his position on life is firm, so he is a loyal and consistent person.

Love to embark on good causes and gather others to also contribute their grain of sand. He is a dreamer and usually gets what he wants, because he puts all his effort into it. Learn from mistakes and strive to improve.

He does not know the rancor and is sympathetic to other people’s mistakes, except in critical situations. The Aquarian is great friends and great projects. His passion for life invites us to follow him everywhere.

SYMBOLWater carrier
CHARACTERVery sociable

The Aquarium, depending on the exact date of birth, can be of two different types. One is obviously extroverted and socially devastating, especially when he has something interesting to tell and / or propose to others. The other is somewhat more shy, quiet and patient. He prefers to listen in an oriental attitude, before giving an opinion. But when it is his turn, what he has to say will be of such certainty that others will have no doubt that being shy and silent is also wise.

Sensitive to the suffering of people, Aquarians can lead a solidarity campaign without the help of anyone else, and convince the world of the work that this action implies. Even in the most enthusiastic type, the Aquarian can lower the revolutions to give his time to those who need it. It should be noted that it is one of the least prejudiced signs of the zodiac, which makes him the ideal friend, when he decides that you are trustworthy and gives himself to you, of course. He does not judge and he is good at listening, so he will wait until you ask for it and only then will he give you advice.

Because of his idealism, he tends to suffer disappointments and learn to know people well before showing himself completely. That makes him very cautious in love and that he does not forgive secrets or betrayals. Even so, he is willing to listen to explanations, but it will be very difficult to do so to get out of the state of resentment, when he feels hurt. In the field of work, his idealism makes him a good leader, as he guides his collaborators with wisdom and justice. For his creativity, intelligence and perseverance, the Aquarian can succeed in any profession if it really seduces him.