Hex is a term or word designating a witch’s spell which has a long historical association with the connotation of the number six.

The Greek hex, and the Latin sex cognate with the Egyptian seven, «to embrace, to copulate.» Six almost universally represzented the number of sex, representing the union between the Triple Goddess and her trident-bearing consort, which is why Christian authorities labeled six «the number of sin.» Pythagoreans, on the other hand, called six the perfect number, or The Mother.

One of its Egyptian forms seshemu, «sexual intercourse» – shown in hieroglyphics by male and female genitals in conjunction – survived in the Sufi love-charm designed to open the «cave» of the Goddess: Open, Sesame.

The hexagonal hex signs include the six-pointed Tantric yanta of love. The name of the sign comes from the Pennsylvania Dutch, who borrowed the word from their native German word for «witch.» Hexe, which in turn is from the Old High German hagazussa or hagzissa («hag»).

A triple six, 666, was the magic number of Triple Aphrodite (or Ishtar) in the guise of the Fates. The Book of Revelation called it «the number of the Beast» (Revelation 13:18). After Solomon met the Queen of Sheba he acquired 666 talents of gold (I Kings, 10:14).

In Christian literature the 666 has been referred to as Satan’s number, but the recurrences of the number in esoteric traditions is frequently surprising. The maze at Chartres Cathedral, for example, was planned to be 666 feet long.

The Egyptians considered 3, 6 and 7 most sacred numbers. Three represented the Triple Goddess, six meant her union with God; seven meant the Seven Harthos, seven planetary spheres, seven-gated holy city, seven-year reigns of kings, and so forth.

Egyptians were obsessed with the conviction that the total number of all deities had to be 37, because of the number’s magical properties. This was because it combined the sacred numbers of 3 and 7; and, 37 multiplied by any multiple of 3 gave a triple digit or «trinity»: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, etc. The miraculous number 666 is the product of 3 X 6 X 37.

A professional, or real, witch casts a hex for a voluntary contribution. Witches are frequently consulted on breaking and protection against hexes. A.G.H.

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