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Hekate was originally the Greek goddess of the Moon and pathways. She is synonymous with Hecate. She was daughter of Perses and Asteria, and was honored by Zeus as a goddess. She is the mother of Scylla, and is guardian of pathways, especially when traveled at night. She is artistically represented as carrying torches. At the location where paths met, a triple figure of Hecate rose from masks placed at the junction. Offerings were left for her at shrines and junctions. Later she became syncretized with Artemis. Hecate is also the patron of Medea and other witches, and in certain parts of Thessaly various Moon worshippers worship her. In variations of the Demeter legends Hecate plays a part in the return of Persephone from Hades. Also, she is invoked as the bestower of wealth and favor. A.G.H.


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