Heitsi Eibib


Heitsi-Eibib, is a great character in Hottentot mythology, second only to Tsui-Goab. He was born of a cow that ate some special or magical grass and conceived the hero. He serves as the first ancestral, culture-hero of the Bushmen. He is the spirit of the bush who appears somewhat as a magician who performs miracles, dies and returns to life again. In this aspect some mythologists associate him with the Moon. He is victorious in fights against monsters.

His association with the Moon is not firmly based. For if he is associated with the Moon then he also has to be associated with the origin of death; since it was the Moon who sent Leprosy to men with the announcement that they would be born again and be immortal. But Leprosy did not convey this message of life; she cheated the Moon and brought man the word death. A.G.H.


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