Hamsa Jewelry

Hamsa jewelry is a famous ancient protection talisman of the Hamsa symbol also known as Hand of Fatima. It is usually represented in amulets and talismans for protection against the evil eye powers. It is The best way to get protection from this curse.

Hand of Fatima Jewelry


There are many different types of Hamsa Jewels. Pendants, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings. We will see several pictures. You can click on each to see more.


Hamsa Ben Porat

Blessing jewelry for fertility and abundance.



Hamsa Ald Gold

Special protection from evil


Hamsa Ald Silver


Hamsa Cli Gold

Ancient protection from evil

Hamsa Cli Silver


Hamsa SAL Gold


Hamsa SAL Silver


Hamsa Shah Gold

Ancient protection jewel from evil.


Hamsa Shah Silver




We can find in Amazon many vendors and Hamsa Jewelry related products. See below some example and search for more.



Where to Buy Hamsa Jewelry

There are many shops online to buy jewels from hand of fatima. This is the shorlist we recommend.



A very deep special online shop with some protection jewelry talismans and amulets.

More here



A very well known online. Maybe the most important and famous. Excellent for prices and support.

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Judaica Web Store

A very good online shop to buy a jewel or jewish products.

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See also article of the encyclopedia about Hamsa.

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