Group soul in Occult terminology

Group soul in occult terminology means the collective spiritual essence of a community, nation, or ethnic group. It once was termed «race soul,» which was discarded during the second half of the twentieth century for obvious reasons.

The group soul provides guidance for the group it overshadows, but it also possesses its own karma and may fall into imbalanced and destructive states. The condition of the group souls corresponds with the condition of the group it overshadows; it incarnates with the group begins, it strengthens and weakens and the group does, and dies when the group disbands to become extinct or emerges with or into another group. It is not to be confused with group mind or collective consciousness that is shared by people whose thoughts and emotions are focused in one direction. A.G.H.


Definition and Essence of Group Soul

In the context of occult terminology, a ‘group soul’ refers to the collective spiritual essence that embodies the communal identity of a community, nation, or ethnic group. Historically known as the «race soul,» this term was later replaced due to its inappropriate connotations and implications. The group soul is perceived as a guiding and influencing force for the collective it represents.


The Role and Characteristics of the Group Soul


Guidance and Karma of the Group Soul

The group soul is believed to provide guidance and direction to the group it overshadows. However, it is not merely a passive entity; it possesses its own karma, which can lead to balanced or imbalanced states. The karma of the group soul is intricately linked to the actions and evolution of the group it represents.


Interconnectedness with the Group’s Fate

The state of the group soul is directly correlated with the condition of the group it encompasses. It is said to incarnate with the birth of the group, evolve as the group strengthens or weakens, and ultimately dissipates or transforms when the group disbands, becomes extinct, or merges into another entity.


Distinguishing Group Soul from Group Mind

Group Soul vs. Group Mind

It’s important to differentiate between the concept of a group soul and that of a group mind or collective consciousness. While a group soul represents the spiritual essence and karma of a group, the group mind refers to a shared collective consciousness.

This consciousness is characterized by unified thoughts and emotions directed towards a common goal or idea. Unlike the group soul, the group mind is more about the immediate, collective mental and emotional focus of a group.



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