The great pyramid of Giza

The great pyramid of Giza is also know as Pyramid of Khufu and Pyramid of Cheops. It is the largest and oldest pyramid of the giza complex in El Giza, Egypt.

The name Pyramid of Khufu is given to them because Pharaohs Khufu who rolled an important part in the construction of these pyramids. This place is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and more importantly it is the only one which has been still found in great condition.


What makes it unique?

This historic place has so many things that can make you think over so many questions. Its structure is an example of perfect art and creativity of the people lived there.  You will get more shocked to hear that these were made almost not accurately but from 2550 to 2490B.C (4500 years ago) and had a height almost 481 feet which is equal to 147meters with the use of 2.3million square stones having 2.5 to 15 tons weight to each. These pyramids remained the tallest man-made building in the world for long period of 3800 years. They took twenty years to complete these fantastic constructions.
Reason to build:
These were not just built because of someone’s wish but had great a purpose at that time. Its creators Pharaohs Khufu and other rulers thought that they would be God after life, so they need to build some place where they can sustain themselves for future. This idea came to their mind because they served their Gods with the best and made so many temples for them. They wanted same respect and facilities for them when they become GOD after their lives. Their priorities were to facilitate these pyramids tombs with all the needs for future.


People Contributions

Building such a tremendous and huge place just not only required assists and skills but it had to be great power to take such initiative at that time. It has been assumed that strong political system was there to support this project and everybody was on one page for this time taking process.  So many experts, teams and even scientist visited this place but still unable to answer that how it was came to reality when there was not any machinery and discoveries were known in construction field.



Engineers of that time could be called as perfect in their fields after visiting these pyramids because they managed and created these tombs in perfect way and even left so many things, knowledge for today’s scientist to learn and also contributed a lot in archeology. As it was not done by only skills but had taken lots of budget too which shows that people of that time were also rich enough to make it happen. This structure is an example for today’s world which tells that people in past were very organized and civilized. It has been also noticed that everyone contributed for this project in any way they could help. This help include food, shelter, equipment’s etc.



It was such antique that some experts says that Egypt is only known because of these pyramids. Pyramids not only show how the people of that time died but gives more about how they lived and spent their lives. These tombs contain a lot about the civilization of those people. As it have so many things but one amazing thing that these pyramids had a door which is very heavy and weights about 20 tons and can only be opened from inside and fits firmly that no one can even move it from outside.  These pyramids have special rooms for King and Queens of that time belongs to Pharaohs Khufu’s family. These three pyramids are also named to Pharaohs Khufu’s family members.


Interesting Facts

There is no single writing on walls about anything and all these things were  explained using pictures including different images of animals and signs.
Engineers were so expert that managed it in such way that temperature inside the tomb is constant to average temperature outside, at that time which is still undiscovered that how they did that.
There are three chambers inside. Each belongs to king, queen of that time and study have showed that king never intend to use queens chamber and was considered it as statue of him and her. This tomb has a unique way to reach kings chamber and you need to bend yourself to reach king’s chamber. This also has strange stairs over which people can only go upstairs.



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